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The Anti-Slip Slope

In the game of fallacies, the slippery slope is considered a noob tier move. However, I think there’s some hidden nuance and wisdom in the manoeuvre, worth exploring. First though, a little parable. I. ACME Widgets fancied itself a modern, … Continue reading

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Fixing The Label Printer

There’s an odd quirk of humans, and it can take us surprisingly long to clue in. Two people can do exactly the same things side by side, for a very long time, and not realize the other’s reasons are entirely … Continue reading

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The Backchannel is the Message

There’s a pernicious problem in rule making: it is much easier to introduce a rule than to remove it. To borrow a phrase from Pascal, “if I had had more time, I would have written a shorter rulebook,” and this … Continue reading

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The New Confessional is The Porcelain Throne

Today’s political struggle is a nebulous, stormy quarrel. We do not lack for storytellers to inform us, nor channels to express our views in. Nevertheless, correctly diagnosing the nature of the problem appears to elude us. Despite our rational, pluralistic … Continue reading

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All Aboard The Shame Train

Twitter’s tech hives were abuzz once again with the telltale sound of moral indignation. For many it’s just too tempting to pile on, but here at the ol’ 451 we prefer to put our money where our mouth is instead, … Continue reading

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Even Better Than The Real Thing

There are more than a few things we owe the Dutch props for. Like winning a war against the sea or making futuristic bicycle roundabouts. Reality TV however, is not one of them. When entertainment company Endemol ran its first season of Big Brother in 1999, … Continue reading

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