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Freedom of expression is the founding principle of Status 451. As a group blog, our authors span the political spectrum, sometimes smashing it in the process. We do not have the same principles or beliefs, but in the last instance we all reach the same place: an unwavering and principled support for free speech.

Status 451 was born to promote free speech, by exercising free speech. The countless alternatives in the blogosphere cater to particular partisan or ideological affiliations. Status 451 caters to none, and in the process aims for everyone: the right-wing anarchist, the public choice euronerd, the conservative Catholic ancap, the bisexual, polyamorous anarcho-game-theorist, the left-wing decentralization advocate, the anarcho-capitalist sex worker, and the centrist programmer with a particular set of skills and nothing to lose. These are some of our authors, and some of our audience as well.

Bottom line: Status 451 was born to write whatever the fuck we want.




“Citing ‘Open Society,’ Racist Programmer’s Allies Raise $20K on Indiegogo” Tess Townsend, Inc.Com


“Appears juvenile but does not seem to reflect a white supremacist organization.” The Southern Poverty Law Center


“The Status451 authors seem to be quite diverse: Clarkhat seems to be a conservative Catholic, Eric Raymond is a card-carrying Libertarian, Meredith Patterson seems to be a queer liberal with anarchist leanings. None of them is a neo-reactionary. Where they intersect is that they believe that the current climate of enforcing ideological conformity is dangerous and wrong, i.e. they subscribe to classic Enlightenment views.

In the background, there is also something else: respecting neurodiversity in the tech community. Many of the folks in tech and science do not have the same social instincts as most other people, and do not synchronize their beliefs and norms by the usual assimilation from peers and environment. This makes them bad at politics, but gives them a headstart where independent thinking and problem solving counts. In the same way as it is not possible to teach gay people to not be gay, it is impossible to teach Aspies to have only socially conformant beliefs.” Joscha Bach, person.


The website for @lambda_conf links to the Status 451 blog, which has a post attacking a prominent black woman engineer. But “inclusivity”! – Kelly Ellis, person.


Praise for our writers


“Hines is so smart, in a dangerous way, that I hope he has good security.” Nick Land on David Hines


“I became embarrassed he was a co-blogger” Popehat on Clarkhat


“We don’t publish right libertarians” Some media theorist on Giancarlo Sandoval.


“The 31-year-old ex-computer programmer and now biohacker is working on modifying jellyfish genes and adding them to yoghurt to detect the toxic chemical melamine, which was found in baby milk in China last year after causing a number of deaths, and kidney damage to thousands of infants. Her idea is to engineer yoghurt so that in the presence of the toxin it turns fluorescent green, warning the producer that the food is contaminated. If her experiment is successful, she will release the design into the public domain” James Bloom, The Guardian on Meredith Patterson.


“Maz got her foot on the economic ladder by mining clay, a simple process of slapping the ground with a shovel or an axe and vacuuming up the resultant cuboids of gray dirt. But she had a plan.” Rich McCornick, The Verge on Alice Maz.


“In retaliation, Shepard published a blog post that revealed JbJabroni’s real name: Jeremy Becker, a pharmacist who lives with his parents in New Jersey. Becker has since deleted all his accounts.” Fruzsina Eordogh, Vice on Andrea Shepard.