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Pieter Hintjens’ Last Hack

Update: Pieter chose euthanasia around 1pm Belgian time, October 4th, 2016. Everything else in this post is still accurate. Pieter Hintjens will most likely be dead before terribly much longer. Cancer, bile duct, metastatic. He is not exactly shy about any … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Tyrannies

In the midst of all this controversy over Mr. Yarvin, something has come up that I feel the need to talk about. One of the main points of the critics of Yarvin, of Lambdaconf, and of Status451’s actions is the … Continue reading

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All Aboard The Shame Train

Twitter’s tech hives were abuzz once again with the telltale sound of moral indignation. For many it’s just too tempting to pile on, but here at the ol’ 451 we prefer to put our money where our mouth is instead, … Continue reading

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