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Budgeting for Millenials

Personal finance is hard. Most of the people I know struggle with it. It’s one of the most important skills of modern life, and yet there aren’t very many resources to help you learn it. This is one of them. … Continue reading

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Slow Media, Local Media

People are very serious about what they eat. For many, it’s more than just nutrition. It’s a social ritual. And there are a lot of them. A quick check of Wikipedia shows many. There are people who only eat vegetables. There’s people … Continue reading

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Even Better Than The Real Thing

There are more than a few things we owe the Dutch props for. Like winning a war against the sea or making futuristic bicycle roundabouts. Reality TV however, is not one of them. When entertainment company Endemol ran its first season of Big Brother in 1999, … Continue reading

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Splain it to Me

Imagine you’re telling a story. Great story, unbelievable story. A series of events that if you saw them in a movie you’d roll your eyes and groan, but they actually happened, and you were there to witness them. While you’re … Continue reading

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