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It’s Protein World, We Just Live In It

I didn’t have a lot to say about the election this year. To be perfectly level with you, this was largely because my friend Zooko precommitted to unfollowing anyone who was tweeting about it, and looking back from late November, I think he … Continue reading

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Dude, Where’s My Privilege?

Sometimes it feels like the world has jumped the shark. It’s 2016, and the world outside my door is starting to get stranger than the world behind my screen. Most of this year, it’s been a constant low-grade background of absurdity, but occasionally … Continue reading

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Of Monoliths And Mesh Networks

Look around you. Look around you. Look around you. Most websites don’t exist. When you type ‘’ into Safari, you might think you’re visiting Google’s website server, but you would be wrong. “Google’s website server” is not a thing. Google, … Continue reading

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Exclusive Inclusivity

Today a friend of mine brought this article to my attention. It was also shared on Twitter, and you know how those things go. The article is pretty standard stuff; I swear they could generate these things with Markov chains.

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