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radical book club: what Righties can do

The first time I raised the idea of Righties learning from Lefties, a lot of people greeted it with derision. Plenty still do. That’s a terrible attitude, one that Righties need to overcome if we want to win. Some Righties … Continue reading

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radical book club: the Centralized Left

The last installment of Radical Book Club focused on decentralized organization: important stuff, particularly for Righties looking to learn from the Left. But the Left and the Right are different cultures. Righties like things like hierarchies, and clarity, and categories … Continue reading

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Radical Book Club: the Decentralized Left

After reading Bryan Burrough’s┬áDAYS OF RAGE, one of the things that really stayed with me was the concept of Institutions. Institutions aren’t a concept explicitly mentioned or named by Burrough, but if you read his book they keep popping up … Continue reading

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Days of Rage

“People have completely forgotten that in 1972 we had over nineteen hundred domestic bombings in the United States.” — Max Noel, FBI (ret.) Recently, I had my head torn off by a book: Bryan Burrough’s Days of Rage, about the … Continue reading

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