Sever Yourself From The Khala

There are demons in the Khala.

Some demons are ones you might recognize. The biggest one acts with curious coordination, as a hundred million unrelated voices cry in unison “I’m With Her“.

Some demons are smaller. Weaker. Minor demons. And yet, their status as minor demons gives them strength. For who would suspect the death by a thousand cuts?

The FOMO demon. That party looks like a blast. Shame you’re not invited.

The demon of social comparison. Did you see what Jane has gotten up to? She made it into med school. How many times have you been rejected?

The demon of photogenicity. Mike’s looking ripped. Why don’t my photos ever look good?

The demon of missed reference. Ahahaha #theupsidedown. What? You haven’t seen Stranger Things? Come on it’s been out for three months already.

The demon of self-censorship. I wish I could respond to that thoughtful camgirl’s poll. But my boss follows me. What if he sees it?

But all those demons. They bow before their demon king. The most fearsome demon? It’s other people. In the Khala, their deepest fears become yours. Their crippling weaknesses, yours. Their every inane thought, yours. A billion cacophonous voices screaming their every though, no matter how trivial. Their every idea, no matter how foolish. A torrent of voices, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Slowly but surely eroding your sanity.

Sever yourself from the Khala. Learn to live, to really live, without the horrendous crutch of the Khalai. Walk in the void. Come, live as the Nerazim have lived for aeons. It is the only way to save yourself from the eldritch horrors that live within the Memetwork.

Sever yourself from the Khala. Let social media send its thralls to their doom. Don’t be one of them.

Quit Twitter. 

About Simon Penner

Injecting compassion and humanity into political discussion. Disagreements welcome, but you must be kind and charitable.
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2 Responses to Sever Yourself From The Khala

  1. Karl says:

    I don’t have any social media accounts, yet it seems I’m still suffocated by a billion inane opinions.


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