San Francisco has a Shameful Homeless Problem

San Francisco has a disgusting attitude towards the homeless.

San Francisco is hosting the Super Bowl, and the mayor has decided to move all the homeless. He doesn’t want tourists to see the evidence of his corruption and lack of empathy.

But we will fight back! A protest has been organized!

The city has spent five million dollars preparing for the Super Bowl. Five million dollars wasted on entertainment, while all these people sleep in the streets. We demand that five million dollars be immediately invested in housing the 500 homeless people that badly need that money. It’s sickening that in a city so rich, the mayor can’t even spend five million dollars helping those less fortunate.

We demand the city provide services to ensure that the homeless can have a safe place to sleep. There need to be resources for people to find a bed. How can you all live with yourself knowing that your mayor is doing nothing, nothing whatsoever to help these people?

We demand hygienic toileting for all homeless. You privileged techies complain that your city smells of urine, but that’s easy for you to say. You have somewhere to go. Where do you think the homeless go? It can’t be that hard to provide sanitation. The ancient Romans could do this. If you’re not providing this, the only reason is spite.

We demand accessible health care for all homeless. The homeless are in the greatest need of health services, but there are absolutely no services available to them. Other countries can give health care to all citizens, why can’t we?

With all the wealth we have, we need to think about supporting those least fortunate. We have more here than anyone else, why can’t we provide for the neediest among us?

We sit idly by while entitled foreigners come to our city and displace those of us who have lived here our whole lives. We, the people of San Francisco, need to stand up and fight back against this large scale displacement.

We live in a city where special interests have corrupted our leadership, where the mayor acts against the will of the people. We’ve done this for too long. It’s time to stand up, make our voices heard, let the world know that enough is enough. We’re here, we’re mad, and we’re not leaving until something is done.

Come, everyone, join me in pissing off a bunch of completely unrelated people, most of whom don’t even live in San Francisco. I’m sure if we troll them hard enough, the mayor will give into our demands. If it doesn’t, hell, there’ll be chicks there. Activist chicks are hot.


About Simon Penner

Injecting compassion and humanity into political discussion. Disagreements welcome, but you must be kind and charitable.
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6 Responses to San Francisco has a Shameful Homeless Problem

  1. pithom says:

    Someone’s talking about the homeless, and it’s a Democratic President in office and not about NYC? I’m surprised.

    “We, the people of San Francisco, need to stand up and fight back against this large scale displacement.”

    -“Make San Francisco poor again”?

    Also, the easiest way to get rid of the homeless is to build, build, build. It’s the construction restrictions that are keeping the rents and housing prices high.


    • Jason K. says:

      “Also, the easiest way to get rid of the homeless is to build, build, build. It’s the construction restrictions that are keeping the rents and housing prices high.”

      Which is also why it will never be fixed, unless mandated from somewhere outside of San Francisco. If building restrictions were lowered, everyone that owns property will see their property values fall. This will lead them to raise holy hell with the local government. The people already invested in the system is why the system won’t be changed.


  2. Tim! says:

    Last time I went to San Francisco, my flight came in late and my hosts were asleep by the time I got there. No problem, fine I’ll just sleep in the rental car. But uh oh I have to piss. I walked for blocks trying to find somewhere moderately appropriate, or at least slightly secluded. Nothing. I ended up pulling an empty JD bottle out of the recycle bin, bringing it back to the car, and refilling it there.

    The moral of the story is: public toilets are important for everyone.


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  4. Jonathon from Maybury says:

    This blog seems pretty cool. But for the life of me I cannot understand why everything when you search is about aiding and giving more stuff to vagrants in SF, while all I can observe is people shooting black tar in the civic center every day spending this money on that. With all of the aide and services we condone and enable more and more people to fall into that lifestyle. So, the mere fact that you are arguing for more funding for “those who really need the money”, you are actually creating and causing more homeless to come here and enabling them to live a street life that is very unhealthy for them as well as all San Franciscans. The example of 1,000% increase in poop and pee on your streets is a perfect example. What those people need is jobs, and an earnest required working class – so they can learn to work and feed themselves. Again, give a man a fish right, he’s still on the street.


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